About Manmarziyaan

Manmarziyaan is a quarterly magazine that releases themed issues every three months. We are a two-person team that does everything related to the mag on their own, including content, editing, social media, and web management.

When we began this journey in 2020, we were just two student writers with very little experience. But over the year and a half, to expand our work and reach, we have had to inevitably teach ourselves many new skills that we could not have imagined ever learning before. That is the experience we have to offer. 

Who are we looking for?

We want individuals who have a genuine interest in writing. Some initial experience in any form of writing is required. A curiosity for learning something new will be an asset.

We are currently accepting only two volunteers for a period of two months, from September to the end of October.

The volunteers taken in September will have the chance to work with us on the second issue of 2022. The volunteership will last until October and work on a rotation basis. 

What to expect?

Based on their interests, the volunteers’ roles would be diverse, and they would have the chance to contribute to the functioning of the magazine as a whole.

We will guide our volunteers through the creative process. They will have an opportunity to experiment with new forms of writing as well as learn new skills.

We wish to foster a mutual learning environment where all of us will have something to gain from our interactions. There will be an open channel of communication and a two-way feedback system. All their writings will be reviewed. 

While we are working on further expanding our readership, we cannot offer compensation at this time. We, however, endeavour to ensure due credit to all our contributors. 

Application procedure

The following details are to be sent to the email id editors@manmarziyaan.com

Personal details (name, phone number, age)

Sample works (optional)