A central idea behind the magazine is to address issues that each of us personally wants to discuss without the rules of convention; hence the name. We encourage forms of writing that purposefully defy the norm. The theme for August-October 2022: Sharing Space with Animals

Photo and design by Shikha Dwivedi and Vandana Likhmania

Our second theme for 2022 is Sharing Space with Animals. From the domestication of dogs in the prehistoric period to the fantastical animal fables of Beatrix Potter and the Panchtantra, and from the colonial creation of zoos to the fight for animal rights in recent decades, the (his)stories of animal-human relationship have been immensely colourful. Inspired by the recent calls for challenging nature-culture binary in the face of environmental crises, we invite you to look beyond human beings as the centre of existence and explore the complex connections we share with some of our companions on this planet. We hope this leads to an expedition into The Lion King, The Elephant Princess, The Monkey’s Paw and other ideas and experiences of love and threat that we associate with a wide range of species.

We are accepting essays, creative nonfiction, photos and photo essays, and artworks based on any of the following topics. However, contributors are welcome to interpret the theme in any other way they wish to.

Rethinking the human-animal relationship in the age of environmental crisis
Should zoos exist?
Pet culture
The veganism movement
Consumerism and unethical treatment of animals
Animals in history/literature/cinema
Animals on social media
Animals and emotions
Animal rights

Please submit your articles to editors@manmarziyaan.com by 2nd September 2022. Please send all written works attached in the form of a document. Please include a short paragraph about yourself at the end. If you want to share a pitch for approval, you can also send a brief outline by the 19th of August.

You can also contribute short-form writings of not more than 300 words on the following topics that will appear in the form of a listicle in the issue ( if possible, please also share suitable pictures (of food or moments) along with your written pieces):
1. Your Friendly Pet: Tell us an anecdote about your pet, the experiences you may have shared with your childhood frog or stories of your neighbour’s dog.
2. The Unwanted Housemate: Tell us about any one of the many insects, centipedes, or lizards that greet your house at different times of the year and the emotions or events you associate with them.
3. Manmarzi Acclaimed (100 words or less): It entails film/tv/book/podcast/album recommendations that are shared on our Instagram page every week and compiled into a listicle in every magazine issue.

Please share this call widely.

Please note: We are not in the position to compensate our contributors but we endeavor to ensure due credit to them.