A central idea behind the magazine is to address issues that we want to discuss without the rules of convention, hence the name. We encourage forms of writing that purposefully defy the norm. The theme for January-March 2023: In Colour

John Frederick Peto’s Straw Hat, Bag, and Umbrella. Source: National Gallery of Art; www.nga.gov

Colours are both perceptions as well as physical substances. Colours not only shape our worldview and emotions but are also historically and culturally rooted. From the Western white-washing of Greco-Roman art in the 19th century to the recent controversy of “saffron-bikini” triggered by the Hindutva nationalists in India, colours often have far-reaching socio-political implications. While cliches such as “pink as feminine”, and “white as beautiful” are embedded in violent discrimination, they are also intrinsic to complex identity formations. As the rainbow flag has become a global symbol of the spectrum of human sexuality and gender, scientists continue to investigate why colours exist, following the lead of Newton, who first proved that white light is composed of the seven colours of the rainbow. The magnificently coloured plumage of the birds-of-paradise continues to enchant nature enthusiasts and attract poachers who are driving these species to extinction. In a world where many people’s livelihood—or even life, as the murder of George Floyd showed—depends on the colour of their skin, exploring the iridescent influence of colours on human life across histories and cultures is our aim in the next issue of Manmarziyaan.

We accept essays, creative nonfiction, photos and photo essays, and artworks based on the following topics. However, contributors are welcome to interpret the theme in any other way they wish to.

1) Colour and art/aesthetics
2) Queering and gendering colours
3) Colour and politics
4) history of colours
5) Colour and identity
6) Colour and fashion
7) Colour in nature
8) Colour and emotions

Please submit your articles to editors@manmarziyaan.com. Please send all written works attached in the form of a document. Please include a short paragraph about yourself at the end. You can also send a brief outline if you want to share a pitch for approval.

You can also contribute short-form writings of not more than 300 words on the following topics that will appear in the form of a listicle in the issue ( if possible, please also share suitable pictures along with your written pieces:
1. Your Favourite Colour: Tell us about your favourite colour and how you found it or perhaps it found you.
2. Manmarzi Acclaimed (100 words or less): It entails film/tv/book/podcast/album recommendations shared on our Instagram page weekly and compiled into a listicle in every magazine issue.

Please share this call widely.

Please note: We are not in a position to compensate our contributors, but we endeavour to ensure due credit to them.