To do as we will

Two writers sat on an autumn day in 2020, frustrated by the many limitations placed on them, and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could write on things we care about, things we are interested in, without worrying if that idea will sell or get discarded at the pitching process?” Both vehemently agreed and so Manmarziyaan was born where we do our manmarzi (as we will). 

Over the year, our project has grown and transformed into a quarterly culture and lifestyle magazine. Manmarziyaan is building a community of creatives who have similarly been seeking a democratic space to freely articulate and express themselves. We publish works on a wide range of topics in a myriad of forms, where each themed issue brings forth exciting stories and multiple perspectives. Visit the submissions page for details.


This is the modern world, where technology has pervaded even the most inconsequential corners of our lives telling us what to think and feel. We are being trammeled under layers of oppression that intersect each other. And as if we were not bound by mortality and consciousness enough, we have placed restrictions on each other, limiting ourselves with rules as to what we can and cannot do. All transgression is forbidden.

Manmarziyaan aims to climb over that artificial wall and transcend all boundaries. Because we don’t only fall in love in Sonnets or discover scenic beauty in May. And our thoughts are not confined by numbered lines, Chicago Styled, 1.5 spaced, New Roman-ed Times. This is our attempt to use ingenuity and critical thinking to challenge the status quo as we seek new versions of the truth.

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