These artworks are digitally framed in surreal collage works. They are inspired by the exploitation of nature, which is slowly leading to a huge planetary crisis. This is an empathetic view narrated through satire and a dominance of violet hues, which signifies nobility and power of humans. The teal hue, which has been used as a symbol of the sea and the sky, represents the humility and freedom of the sea creatures.


It is a surreal depiction of mankind’s constant interference with marine life. Humans have been exploiting natural resources for their luxurious wants for centuries and ignorantly contaminating lakes, seas, and oceans. The placement of humans over the mammals symbolizes the parasitic relationship where humans are the parasites enjoying their privileges by exploiting and polluting the water bodies. Thus, they create a disbalance in the underwater ecosystem.

Fish ‘n’ Ships

The juxtaposition of the fish with human-made inventions is a metaphor for the constant interference of humans in the marine biosphere. All human-made junks have been entangled around the daily life of sea creatures. There are rising cases of ingestion of inedible waste and entanglement into net-like materials floating underground. Thus, the fishes–co-existing with the waste–have been mistaking it for an element of their biodiversity. The fishes are striving to live in harmony with the new guests.

Human Privilege

Humans have been exploiting sea mammals to create man-made products for their use, like petroleum gel for Vaseline and lipsticks. While mammals suffer, humans enjoy their privileged and lavish vacations on deck, often, and ironically, debating on world issues. The placement of humans over the mammal symbolizes the parasitic relationship where humans are the parasites enjoying their privileges by causing destruction to the marine biodiversity.

It’s a human’s world

The Sea Horse is juxtaposed with man-made junk, which would take centuries to decompose. The broken CDs, metallic cans, and the discarded saxophone are an allegory for the tons of garbage that continue to rot under, around, and inside the aquatic flora and fauna. Sometimes, they get entangled in them (fish nets), or they are left to accept the existence of the life-threatening clutter around them.

Wild vs Man

The sea creatures are fighting a war against a huge sea monster called pollution. It is the by-product of unnatural creations and experiments by the selfish humankind. The whale is an amalgamation of aquatic creatures, including seaweeds, algae, and human-made waste, which is also a part of their ecosystem now. The sea waves are an amalgamation of retro discs and shimmers. It metaphorically indicates human’s ever-growing indulgence in nature and its dangerous consequences. Thus, nature is fighting a greater war with greedy capitalists.

The uninvited guest

One of the stainless steel bottles floating amidst the sea has become a new family member disguised as a fish. The fishes mistake it as one of them as they see it lying on the bedrock every day covered with seaweed and a whole new life form evolving around it.

Bend it like Beckham

The wire in place of the fish’s spine represents the human-made waste which has now become part of its composition and existence. The visual allegory signifies the ingestion of waste by sea creatures that are suffering and dying.

Violet Voyage

The ships sailing in the sea have become a part of marine biodiversity. They are confused with one of the underwater beings, a visual metaphor for the natural entities that are being replaced by man-made ones. The outer and inner worlds (in reference to the ocean) are colliding to make something new or destroy it. An illusion of the fish mistaking itself as a mast of the boat, helping them to move to a different side of the sea or where their life ends, as they sail through a never-ending voyage.

Wild vs Man: Part 2

A surreal composition of all the human-made and natural elements. The flora and fauna are forced to survive at the edges of the sea due to unnatural interferences. There is a vicious cycle of consumption and materialism where waste is dumped into the ocean. These human-made elements have become part of the underwater biosphere. The creatures have become used to their existence as they ingest it, and swim around it while trying to live in harmony with them.

Darshana Singh is a graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology. She is an accessory designer and a film blogger. Pop culture, world issues, and cinema inspire her a lot to create meaningful artworks. She creates Surreal collages in her free time, which is an expression of her subconscious mind and thought process. She believes that any form of art with a social commentary creates a greater impact in society and helps us with the sense of motive to exist together with dignity and empathy. She has an art blog on Instagram: @sserial_eescapist

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