My Journey at Enactus KMC: Community, Learning, and Fulfillment

We tend to have preconceived notions about how college life looks even before it actually starts. I had dreamt of an experience that provided me with a sense of fulfilment. Being a part of an entirely student-run non-profit organization like Enactus in college has turned those dreams into reality. Looking back, it was the refreshing ideal of learning through experience that appealed to me amidst the plethora of options I was presented with. My anticipatory fears were replaced with a curiosity to learn. I deeply resonated with its idea of working with underserved communities to create businesses that also made efforts toward creating a better world.

This promise of learning beyond the confines of classroom teaching, while also being a small part of a larger change was sufficient for anyone to want to participate in it. Ever since I started working here, Enactus has paved a path for substantial self-improvement for me while also working for the society and world, at large. The ideation and collective brainstorming that I undertook with the team has allowed me, over time, to develop a very thorough understanding of how different people can bring different perspectives and beliefs to the centre, something which is fundamental for the growth of any organization.

The most inspiring and, at the same time, most grounding facet of my experience at Enactus KMC so far is undoubtedly the different groups of people that I have got to interact with and learn from. The communities involved in various projects that form the core of the vision of Enactus are people that come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds. They are people with a passion for a better life but have faced unjust situations due to their structural positions. On different community visits, interacting with them; getting to know them and their lives more profoundly have made me look beyond my own restricted mindset and instilled in me, more empathy for others.

I do recall how on one such visit, merely getting to know that our community member was from Rajasthan and hence, also learning a lot about Haryana allowed me to form a connection with him regarding our shared family locations. It made me realize how fulfilling human interactions can turn out to be in moments like these when you share this thread of understanding with someone you initially thought could not be more different. All the different interactions with the members of the organization for a shared common purpose have made me see how effective collaboration can work in the long run, while also forming deeper, lasting connections.

Working on different projects and under different departments usually entails volunteering for things you did not have a shred of knowledge about and yet completing them. This process allowed me to learn a multitude of crucial details and helped me grow as a person through challenging yet exciting tasks. My experience under Projects Syahi and Dor has been all about learning to create beauty from the existing ills of this world. Having worked on research and a lot of behind-the-scenes chores, the outcomes made me feel elated. Successful completion of those tasks also brought a sense of responsibility toward the communities and towards the concerns that are addressed through them. Project Janbhoomi and the environment-conscious models that are researched under it brought about a shift in my own approach to the environment. It is only when one does hands-on research does one realize how truly severe the situation is. It forces us to introspect our own ways of living. For me, this journey has been an amalgamation of lively and rich interactions, an abundance of insights on a spectrum of values and many moments to look back on and reminisce.

The following quote by Oliver Holmes sums up my experience with Enactus, “a mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Anushka Singhal is a 19-year old college student living on a thrill for experiences and a curiosity for learning. She is currently pursuing Economics Honours from Kirori Mal College and likes to be a part of groups that work towards a better world, in any way possible. In her free time, she likes to read, watch different content and know more about everything around her.

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