The Window and The Soul

The window of my house or the soul, Manmarziyaan Magazine

The Manmarziyaan Magazine celebrated its first birthday in October 2021 in collaboration with Photobombaying and Iris Poetry. This poem is one of the two winning pieces.

By Swati Singh

Is this the window of my house
Or of my soul?
Or perhaps it is both
The body can throw itself out
Like drops of rain from a cloud
Like trash from a bin
Like a tear rushing down on a cheek
But the soul is trapped
It longs
Curls up inside
And It yearns
It rolls inside Its cage over and over
And leaves scratches like tally marks
To count Its days until freedom
The soul desires to claw Itself out of the walls
breaking It down brick by brick
To carve out a window, much like the one I see
It craves to see the light
By letting the light out
The tally marks look like bars
The body is a prison now
It screams to find peace
Its infinite thoughts run like a stream
In search of a shore
It wants, It always wants more
To take a step outside and reunite with the light
From which It was born
It searches for meaning in the chaos It finds Itself in
It is carving out a window, much like the one It sees
It craves to see the light outside
By letting out the light inside me

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Swati Singh (she/they) is currently pursuing her undergraduate studies in English literature from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. Apart from being a wannabe writer, she is a bibliophile, a die-hard Hozier fan, and loves animals and warm hugs! Do check out her personal blog to discover more of her works here

Featured image credit: Photobombaying

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