By Anukriti Gahlout

There’s an ethereal view beyond the end,

Only if we dare,

And our souls are one,

Only if we saw them before the beginning line,

A mere mirror is what we all are,

Yet we refuse to shine,

Forever is a boundary,

So are the communities,

Perpetual do they seem,

As all the glitters we see,

What if the fear, wouldn’t let you love the one in your fate,

Will there be anyone to blame,

Boundaries have a fate to be broken,

But our hearts never prevailed for such days,

Thou’ doth how seemless it seems,

Yet its precious light will beam,

And eventually will make your soul gleam,

Let me hold your hand,

And we would walk to the line,

Where perpetual starts,

With the matching pearls,

Or the brooch we both like,

You will be the ray and I’ll be the mirror,

Upon whom you can shine and 

Together we’ll expand the light in the universe,

that would have the traces of existence,

Until our next life.

Anukriti Gahlout is currently a final-year graduate student. She has been writing poetry since the age of 16. She has a great passion for writing down her thoughts in a way she perceives them. She aspires to be a poet/an author in her upcoming future.

Featured Image credit: Alex Turcu on Unsplash

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