By Khushi Maheshwari

Content warning: mention of abuse

I had always thought
My life would change
Once I find the one
With whom I’d tie the knot.

Fate scoffs at the retrospections
Of the ash of my past imagination
And holds me accountable
For the vanity of my creations.

The promises that we painted
Got subdued by the screams
That the grey stone walls
Around us each, ricocheted.

We were pitted against each other
At the opposite ends
Of the knot that
Bound us together.

You found me to be
Too independent,
Too self-reliant,
And certainly, too free.

So you cuffed me…
To the bars of a cradle,
Built for a son who couldn’t
Live long enough for us to see.

And I was no less
In blaming you for
Women you’d never ‘do’, – for
Only two can play this game of chess.

These weren’t the only ordeals,
My love for your gimmicks and quirks
Now just inflamed me, and you had
Suddenly lost heed to the taste of my meals.

When we realized it wasn’t serendipity
You had accidentally pushed me down the stairs,
And I fiercely wished to dip my hands red
Not in alta but in the blood of your virility.

Khushi Maheshwari is a physically and socially awkward individual who prefers animals over humans, skies and oceans over ground, and written expression over all and any other kind of expression because of past life trauma. She engages in self-deprecating humour just to cover up the fact that she’s got squat to say about herself. However, if you’re alone and need someone to indulge in long, meaningful conversations with; on a Friday evening, sitting on top of buildings (or trees or rooftops), watching sunsets, with a cold beverage, and indie rock playing in the background, she’s definitely your girl. She can be found on Instagram

Featured image source: Adnan from Pexels

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