About Us

Vandana Likhmania


To do as we will.

This is the modern world, where technology has penetrated even the most inconsequential corners of our lives, controlling every facet of the day-to-day. There is an app for everything and an algorithm that controls what we think, wear, feel, or eat. In an ideal world, there are no absolute truths, just versions of it. But in a time when rights and freedoms are under attack, there is no true free will, suppression is key, and only lies exist. We are being trammelled under layers of oppression that intersect each other, keeping us perpetually exhausted as we navigate the constraints imposed on us. And we keep hoping for justice from an unscrupulous system wherein the constant exploitation and discrimination is not a malfunction but the very oil that runs those institutions. And as if we were not bound by mortality and consciousness enough, we have placed restrictions on each other, limiting ourselves with rules as to what we can and cannot do. All transgression is forbidden.

Manmarziyaan aims to climb over that artificial wall, grow on it like a weed, paint it red, blue, and green because ideas can transcend all boundaries. We cannot be rid of unless they pull down stone from stone, and yet somewhere else, on another wall, we will continue to grow. Because we don’t only fall in love in Sonnets or discover scenic beauty in May. And our thoughts are not confined by numbered lines, Chicago Styled, 1.5 spaced, New Roman-ed Times. This is our attempt to use ingenuity and critical thinking to challenge the status quo and demolish lies, as we seek new versions of the truth.

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